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Gloria Dei Presbyterian Church
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Latest News

We ask you in the course of your prayers this week to lift the members and friends of our congregation who are serving our country in the military, including Jami, Jarrod, Corey, Lori, Ben, Vincent, Doug, Charlie, Josh, Tom, Jason, Jerod, John, Timothy, Terry, Scott, Mary and Alison.  God bless them.
Triple C holds their monthly meetings on the first Tuesday of each month beginning at 1:00 PM, September through May. 
Women's Association holds their monthly meetings on the second Wednesday of each month beginning at 12:30 PM, September through May. 

Gloria Dei Presbyterian Church

Some Thoughts on the Future of this Congregation

You may have heard:

Gloria Dei Presbyterian is going to close its doors.

What is the situation:

The Session of Gloria Dei Presbyterian is convinced that God has a purpose for this congregation in this place. Our financial situation and worship participation make this difficult to continue in the way we have in the past. The Session has explored a number of options including a shared pastorate with another congregation, part time minister with a secular job, etc. There are no plans nor intentions to close our doors.

You may have heard:

That there is already a plan and congregation to share Pastor Drew with.

What is the situation:

The Session and Pastor Drew have been in  conversations about shared pastorate. There are some congregations in the area where this might be a possibility. At the moment, there is nothing decided. We are still considering many options if funding does not allow the full time position to continue.

You may have heard:

The Presbyterian Church U.S.A. has allowed the ordination of practicing homosexuals and the marriage of homosexuals.

What is the Situation:

The majority of the Presbyteries that belong to PCUSA have voted to amend the Constitution and create a new form of government ("nFOG).  Several changes were made. These changes went into effect on July 11, 2011.  Amendment G-6.0106b stated: "Those who are called to office in the church are to lead a life in obedience to Scriptures and in conformity to the historic confessional standards of the church.  Among these standards is the requirement to live either in fidelity within the covenant of marriage between a man and a woman (W-4.9001), or chastity in singleness.  Persons refusing to repent of any self-acknowledged practice which the confessions call sin shall not be ordained and or installed as Deacons, Elders or Ministers of the Word and Sacraments." This was amended to state: "Standards for ordained service reflect the church's desire to submit joyfully to the Lordship of Jesus Christ in all aspects of life (G-1.0000).  The governing body responsible for ordination and/or installation (G-14.0240; G-14.0450) shall examine each candidate's calling, gifts, preparation and suitability for the responsibilities of office.  The examination shall include, but not be limited to, a determination of the candidate's ability and committment to fulfill all requirments as expressed in the constitutional question for ordination and installation (W-4.4003).  Governing bodies shall be guided by Scripture and the confessions in applying standards to individual candidates."

The integrity of the church demands that those who serve in ordained office meet high standards, always seeking to live according to the life and teaching of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, as He attested for us in the Holy Scripture, is the one Word of God which we have and obey in life and in death (The Book of Confessions, 8.11)

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 You may have heard:

The Presbyterian Church is falling apart and that soon there will be a complete split into two denominations.

What is the Situation:

The three hundred years of Presbyterians in this country have seen many splits and the formation of many denominations. Since the General Assembly meeting in June 2006, a few congregations have left to become a part of other Presbyterian denominations or to be independent. Other congregations are talking about forming a new denomination and having a peaceable separation from the PCUSA. Thirty years ago there was speculation that if the denomination continued to lose members at the current rate, there would be no Presbyterian Church left. It is true the denomination continues to lose members, yet there continues to be a strong presence and ministry of Presbyterians across the country. In some congregations there is considerable growth.

You may have heard:

The Presbyterian Church U.S.A. is going to die or split into two denominations.

What is the Situation:

The Presbyterian Church has been in a thirty year period of membership decline. Twenty years ago it was said that by the year 2000, there would be no members left. The Presbyterian Church continues on and in some places is growing. The Presbyterian Church has split and merged many times over its 300 year history. It may again or it may not.

 What does all this mean for Gloria Dei Presbyterian Church?

We need to be at prayer to see where God is leading and what God is calling us to do in this time and place. We need to encourage each other to come together in prayer and worship in order to do the ministry God has called us to do. We should be open to changes that may be needed in our life. We need to continue to share the good news of Jesus and to invite others to join us in witness to Jesus.

 What is our financial situation?

We are spending more each month than we receive. We have been blessed over the years with special gifts that are being used up. Our spending is as bare-bones as possible without eliminating ministry. We have had to borrow money from the Memorial Fund to pay our bills. Please make a pledge to yourself and to God for your financial contribution for the coming months and years ahead.  We have been blessed with gifts from local construction companies that has allowed us to regravel the lot that is along the alley.  

What about giving to the denomination when our congregation has so much need?

We are not the church alone. As Presbyterians, we believe that many individual congregations working together represent the church. As part of the church, we are called to support each other. Even as we have our own need, we are called to give in the form of mission dollars and per capita dollars. Since some of our members have concerns about the Denomination, the Session has agreed to only forward per capita and mission dollars as designated by individual members.

What are the first steps for the worship participation needs?

All members need to invite others to join them in worship. The first ones to invite are current members and former members who have not been in worship in recent years.

What about our own church officers?

The Session of Gloria Dei Presbyterian Church adopts the principle that compliance with the standards for ordination as is stated in the Book of Order is an essential of Reformed polity. Any departure from the standards for ordination expressed in the Book of Order will bar a candidate from ordination and/or installation as an officer or minister of the Word and Sacrament in our denomination.


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